Monday, September 29, 2008

W. after ceremony photo shoot

There as just too much playfulness to ignore during this edit, so after getting a good song selection the beats just spoke to me.

Whiting Fun shoot from John Mitchell on Vimeo.

W. Ceremony Montage

This was some great footage to work with. The couple was clearly having a great day and the edit seemed to just flow.

Whiting Wedding Day from John Mitchell on Vimeo.

G. Wedding Montage

Its always a good time when you are able to capture the fun associated with the bridal party when they are taking the after ceremony pictures. I expiremented with a behind the scenes feel with a cut to beat.

Greg Wedding Montage from John Mitchell on Vimeo.

M. Wedding Montages

I had a lot of fun editing this Wedding video. This is a new style that is more artistic, relying less on the timing of the edit and more on the ramdomness and picture composition.

Martins Montages from John Mitchell on Vimeo.